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NAS Backup Awesomeness

We have this old Terastation NAS, and it's been solid, but I just figured out that it has support for an external USB disk, and it's easy to set up to backup to the external USB disk. Right now, we're using around 1TB of the array, and it's being backed up to the external disk once a day. The backup is done with Rsync, and it takes around 10 minutes.

Just for fun, I decided to set up a second backup on a remote system, over the LAN. That uses Rsync as well, and takes around 10 minutes. If you're willing to tolerate Samba's slower performance, and the slight mismatch between Windows file system security and Unix file system security, Samba and Rsync are a pretty awesome solution.

The best part is that, so far, I haven't experienced a backup failure in three months. That's not my experience with systems like Backup Exec, which you're lucky if the system works without fail for one month.

I've had other rsync based backups, and they've functioned for years, if you set them up with enough permissions to access all the files.


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