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Novice's Notebook

This is a repository of "novice" articles, written with the intent of driving more traffic to the site, and getting more ad clicks. It's pretty crass, I know, but the information may be very useful.

OpenWRT Router IP Exposure Script

If you have an OpenWRT router (any router that can run the software can be converted), you can do a little quasi-dynamic-DNS trick. This is useful if you don't really care enough to set up Dyn DNS, and you have a web server setup.

The main disadvantage is that you don't have a DNS record. The main advantage is that the updates don't need to propagate through DNS, so if you have an app that relies on talking to your LAN, you can quickly detect any changes.

First, save this as /usr/bin/checkmyip


[ -f /tmp/myip ] &

Simple Staging LAN with OpenWRT and dnsmasq

This isn't PHP-specific, but it's a simple recipe for a small LAN for testing websites (or any client-server software). With it, you can easily manage a small network with minimal effort.

Unix Text File Database

Unix usually comes with a set of tools that help you manipulate tab delimited data files. Since I never really bothered to learn these, I figured I'd play with them and take notes.

Bash Shell Scripting Cheat Sheet

It's like a dos bat file, but with nifty little features, like actual looping constructs and the ability to mess with program output creatively. For a long time, a large fraction of the net's information infrastructure was programmed using shell scripts. The internet worm of 89 used them. Today, skript kiddies use "hack scripts" that are shell scripts that emit C code, compile it, perform the hack, and then clean up after themselves.

Here's a quick cheatsheet. Each line is a valid line in a program.

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