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Hacking Multisite WordPress' Domain Mapping

I had been using the old WordPress MU Domain Mapping plugin for multisite WordPress, and was pretty happy with it, but unknown to me (because I only started reading WP blogs and groups this past year) WordPress has rolled this feature into the core.

Encrypting Your Thunderbird Mailbox

This is a two-part howto about encrypting data for Thunderbird. The first part is about Enigmail, a way to encrypt your email messages. The second is about encrypting your entire email storage on your computer.

Review: MX Guarddog

I stumbled across this site, and decided to give it a try. Yeah, I don't know if it's even a legit service, but I decided to route ALL my mail through them.

Their price is 25c per email address per month, which is cheap if you have just one address. I, unfortunately, use four. If I decide to use MX Guarddog permanently, a couple of these will be going away because I'm that cheap.

You can get around this fee by putting a link to their service on your site. These are text links that you embed in your pages.

Search this Site from the Search Box

If you go to the home page you can add a site-limited google search to your search bar. Google isn't too nice about it, but it'll work.

PulseAudio Microphone Not Working in Skype or Gnome PulseAudio

This took forever to fix. I upgraded the computer two versions of Ubuntu ago, and ever since then, the front mic stopped working.

It could be the mic's wire or the mic, but even a standalone mic wasn't working. It worked OK with Audacity, which uses Alsa.

It turned out the problem was that the Sound control panel in Gnome didn't work. Somehow, the system decided to change the input from Analog to Digital SPDIF. I don't use SPDIF.

Postfix Config on Debian Ubuntu Linux to get past my uptight Spamassassin filters

Here's what the spamassassin filters see:

ImportError: No module named site (Python, Apache2, Django, virtualenv, Dropbox)

I was getting a lot of this error:

ImportError: No module named site
ImportError: No module named site
ImportError: No module named site

Cloud Storage Reviews Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, iCloud

If you want to read some professionally written reviews, I read these:
PC Advisor
PC Mag
My review will be a lot shorter: Dropbox. Explanations below.

Netgear GS105PE VLAN Configuration Notes

The docs are kind of sparse on this, and they really push the simpler "port based vlans". That's not what you want. You want the advanced 802.1Q setup, which is the type of VLAN used on most managed switches.

North Carolina Judge Expands definition of "Computer Professional" to Include Admins

North Carolina Judge Upholds Employer Classification of Employee as Exempt Computer Professional

This is a big loss for net admins. The exemption was intended for programmers (and even that might be considered a loss).

A List of SQL Injection Attacks

I was looking at some special logs we keep, and found these attempted SQL injection attacks.

a'or' 1=1--
'or 1=1--
admin' or 'a'='a
admin'or 1=1#
"or "a"="a
'or 1=1/*
'or 1=1\0
') or ('a'='a
'or' '1'='1
a'or' 1=1--
or 'a'='a'
admin' OR 1=1/*
or 1=1--
"or 1=1--
"or 1=1\0
1 or '1'='1'=1
1 or '1'='1' or 1=1
' UNION Select 1,1,1 FROM adm

On Meraki's MDM Application

It's pretty good, but has some glitches.

The Meraki MDM platform is one of numerous ones out there, and my first experience with one. Conceptually, MDM is pretty simple, and many parts of it are buit-in to the phone's software via support for ActiveSync. Ironically, it's a Microsoft platform, but MS hasn't done well in the phone space. MDM platforms want you to install a client program for better features, and Meraki has one of those, too.

Small Hack to Send SMDR to Syslog for IP Office and other PBXs

This is a work in progress. I wanted to log all our calls and found out that there's a feature in IP Office called SMDR that sends logs to a server.

There were a few programs that could receive these logs, but I couldn't find one that just logged the lines to a syslog. After initally reading how to do it in Python and looking a the Perl code from SimpleSMDR, it seemed like too much code. This small C program, smdr-syslog, to does what I want.

Weird Network Fault Due to Unknown thing on the End of the Wire

I was called in to help fix a network that had been discombobulated. I didn't end up fixing it, but one staffer there did the trick by disconnecting a switch with a bunch of wires plugged into it.

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