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Cloning Many Windows 8 Laptops

Clonezilla's now playing a little catch-up with the latest laptops, which feature UEFI boot and Windows 8, which requires UEFI boot. Mainly, it'll tell you that what you think will work, can work, if you know how to deal with UEFI.

This is a followup to Cloning Many Windows 7 Computers Quickly.

Deliverability Blues 2013

We recently had a rash of spam sending due to someone finding, guessing, or leaking a user's password. Sometimes, it just requires that, not some security breach. Well, we didn't catch it and stop it in time, and now we're suffering some deliverability problems ranging from slowdowns to outright blocking by some servers.

Gmail Delay Problem with STARTTLS and Exim4, and a Quick Fix

I've been bitten by this Gmail STARTTLS problem, oh, at least twice, maybe more. Deliverability is affected; says there's a delay. This time, it was at work, where I have a server to accept incoming mail. We use EXIM4.

An Outlook Script to Save Spam for Training Spamassassin

On the spamassassin box, set up Samba and create two shares spamassassin-spam and spamassassin-ham. I created them in /home/Spamassassin/

TeraStation 2: adding usb hard disks for backups

We got one of these at work years ago as a backup unit, and it's been working well. Exactly one disk error in years and it fixed itself, basically. However, as disks age you know they are going to fail, taking your data with it. So the only fix is to proactively replace them, and also run backups. I thought that it would be easy to add a backup disk, because there are USB ports on the terastation. That was not the case.

Control Ingress (incoming) bandwidth... with Bittorrent and others

I wanted to download a file, but we just got this awesome high speed fiber optic internet...

RAID 5 Reliability is Worse than RAID 1 Reliability, and it gets worse...

It was just kind of intuitive to me that adding more disks to a RAID 5 array would increase the opportunities for failure, but it never occurred to me that going from 3 disks to 4 disks nearly doubled your chance of failure, but it does. It also didn't occur to me that RAID 1 is significantly more reliable than RAID 5.

Ubuntu Server Installation Notes for Partitioning a 2 Disk System to Boot From a RAID 1 Device

This note explains how to install Ubuntu Linux Server on a computer with two hard disks, with RAID 1, so it boots from the array. The entire installation, including partitioning and RAID administration, is done through the installer, and doesn't really require any access to the commands. (This is a work in progress, and we don't have screenshots yet.)

Got Semi-Scammed by Discount SSL Vendor Comodo with "PositiveSSL CA 2"

(Just to be fair, I think the SSL cert business is a scam, so there.)

Supermicro Server Keeps Booting after 5 Minutes

I got this snazzy used Supermicro server, and after I set it up to run SSH, and I started to configure it, it started to reboot every five minutes.

Windows: Migrate Files to a New Server, Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 2003

This is probably not the "best practice" but it's what I'm doing lately to migrate files between servers, desktops, etc. MS has a tool that uses DFS to migrate data and maintain UNC paths, but, whenever I see systems that map paths to physical data on Windows, I worry.

ZyXEL ZyWALL USG-50 - Backing Up the Configuration

The usg-50 has a pretty flexible system for saving configurations. From the Maintenance:File Manager:Configuration File screen, you manage your configuration files.

HP V1910 - Backing Up the Configuration

The V1910 switch requires that all configurations be saved, or they'll be lost after a power cycle. I'm sure all users learn this pretty quickly after spending time configuring a switch, and assuming that it was saved into the switch's nvram. They unplug the switch, move it, and then discover all their work is lost.

Netgear GS108T - Saving the Configuration

The 108T doesn't seem to have a regular upload and download screen. Instead, it can save the configuration to a TFTP server. Talk about weird.

Testing VLAN isolation

You need two computers. On each set up network connections in Network Manager with IP addresses in the 192.168.1.* range.

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