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HTML Forms and $_POST, a Simple Templating Script

This page will describe the difference between GET and POST, and the typical uses for each.

HTML Forms and $_GET[]

As clever as it is to alter the URL to pass values to your script, the normal way to pass values is through a web form.

Here's some HTML that will display a form with two fields.

Arrays, Passing Values, the $_GET[] Variable

In the previous chapter, we explored evaluation, evaluation order, variables, numbers and strings.

In this chapter, we explore how to send input to our short programs.

Evaluation and Variables

<php echo 1; ?>

<php echo 1 + 2; ?>

<php echo 2 * 3; ?>

Other Tutorials

For starters, here are some links out to some existing tutorials.

W3Schools PHP Tutorial

PHP Tutorial

I used to have a PHP tutorial here, and it was somewhat heavily downloaded. It needed a revision that never happened. Anyway, it's lost, so here's a new one.

Another Cheap Thumb Gallery Maker

One thing about scripting is that, sometimes, a little fragment of code will get used over and over, and it's not a full-featured app.

MS Access: Inserting Records with Visual Basic and DAO

This example shows you how to add records with VBA and DAO instead of with SQL queries.

Embedded Markup Considered Harmful (even now) had an article from 2003 about RSS using CDATA-guarded HTML code in the nodes.

MS Access: Display A Subreport Even When There Are No Records

Seems like a lot of people are having a problem because Access automatically hides a subreport if it contains no records.

MS Access, Outlook: recording bounced email addresses

This is a subroutine that will scan your Outlook inbox or a subfolder of inbox named "Bounces", and copy bounced email addresses to a MS Access database.

Arrays and References Gotcha, Array Passed by Value Behaves Like Array Passed by Reference

In PHP 5, when you pass an array by value, but the array contains references, then, you will get some subtly weird behavior.

$args = array();
$args['x'] =& $_REQUEST['x'];

echo "&l

MS Outlook and Access: Recording Bounced Email Addresses

This is the start of a macro that will scan your Outlook Inbox or a subfolder named "Bounces" for bounce messages, and record such messages to an Access database.

MS Access: Me.Dirty = False; Forcing a Form to Update a Record

How do you get a form to update its associated record, programmatically?

Me.Dirty = False

What the heck? Why isn't there a call like Me.UpdateRecord()?

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