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Yes, a bit specific, but I need to store some links!

Ribbon Toolbar Interface

Microsoft is trying to file a patent for their Ribbon interface element that groups toolbars into a tabbed interface.

A Class to Manage Tiny, Editable Application Configurations for Reports

This code has never been run through php. It's a first draft.

MS Access VBA: Generating Code for Handlers

I've been working with "unbound forms" and, ay ay ay, what a pain in the butt. Unbound forms are regular forms, except that the controls aren't associated with any data source. An unbound form is like a panel of controls, without wires behind them, and no information being shown or recorded. It's like a prop without a performance. It's weird to use an Access form that doesn't seem to work, because the data structure behind it doesn't exist -- without information, there's no animation.

Javascript Calculator: Split Up Your Reciepts

Here's a Javascript calculator that was put together to deal with situations where you have to split up a grocery receipt with a friend. You can type in the prices, one per line. Check the box if it's a taxable item. (Set the tax rate if it's not 8.25%.) Then, click the "+" button to add it up.

CSV Files, Comma Separated Values

This is the latest version of the CSV class, but renamed to work with CakePHP.

CakePHP Dates are Nice

	Date: <?=$html->monthOptionTag( 'Phoneproject/Date' )?> -
		<?=$html->dayOptionTag( 'Phoneproject/Date' )?> -
		<?=$html->yearOptionTag( 'Phoneproject/Date' )?>

What's up with ADO?

Example of how to add a row to a db table, in ADO:

Hispanic Surname Extraction with Regular Expressions

The challenge with these names is twofold. For one, they follow a European convention of using "of" to denote the family, e.g. De La Cruz. This is like the Irish O'Connor or Italian del Vecchio.

CakePHP Notes

1. I can't figure out how to use a composite primary key.
2. I can't figure out how to make a table without a primary key.

Symfony: SQL-Phobia

In the symfony book
there's an alarming bit of explanation:

Terse Javascript Alternations, and the Frameworks' Problem with SQL


Here's a snippet of javascript that breaks up a phone number into its parts, if it's formatted in the common formats.

	var cell = namesArray[rownum]['Cell'];

Strong Typing and Dynamic

I've been dabbling in Haskell, which is a strongly typed functional language.

Hierarchical Report Generator for CakePHP

This is an almost complete CakePHP component to create hierarchical reports.

It's not really canonical Cake, because it only works with MySQL.

Common MIME Types, in PHP

This is based on a list of common MIME types that's been posted around the web. It's in PHP array format. The long list cannot be used as-is due to repeated keys. The long list is followed by a shorter sublist of popular formats you're likely to need.

Sarah Palin Pork Barrel Calculator

Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin has recently been criticized for her pork-barrel spending. This web-calculator helps you figure out how extreme she is. (Calculator is on the full story.)

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