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Export eBay Active Listings as Text (csv)

Go to your active listings.

Set the listing length (at the bottom of the page) to a high number so all your items are listed.

Check off the box that selects all the rows.

Click "Edit" button, to go to the editor that alters multiple items.

Check off the box that selects all the rows.

Under the "Action" menu, select "Export to file". From there you can choose CSV or PDF.

I was wrong again

I was totally wrong 10 years ago, and also wrong 17 years ago.

So, what's changed in the interim?

Amazon's still around, but there are some competitors, like WalMart, NewEgg, etc. Affiliate stores are still big. If there's anything new, it's the fact that all retailers have "stores within a store", and also ads within the website, and marketplaces within their websites.

Ebay is a marketplace with stores within it. Ebay also has more refined categories than in the past.

Learning About Kindle Publishing

I'm learning a lot from this excursion into Kindle publishing.

Technical books are higher-value products, so that's good. They don't have a big audience, which is bad.

Giving away the CSS book got 100 takes. I'm giving away a short WordPress book, and it only got 65 takes on the first day, probably due to stiffer competition.

Cookbooks are lower-value products, but take little time to write, and have a much larger audience.

Boost Your Click Through Traffic with Just One Tip (Headlines)

On a lark, I got a marketing ebook and was told to write catchy headlines. Then I got another ebook about writing headlines. So, I'm going to be changing all the headlines on this site, save a few, just to see if it boosts the traffic coming into the site.

Including GitHub Source Code into Markdown with a Preprocessor

I'm doing some writing in Pandoc, and the Markdown implementation doesn't have an "include" feature to pull in source code. After looking around, there are some tools that implement #include or !include, but there weren't quite what I wanted, so I wrote this in awk.


Writing Articles in HTML5

I've been writing HTML forever, but really never looked at the new HTML5 tags. For the most part, I'd devolved into using DIV and SPAN and FORM and a few other tags to code up webpages. That's OK for writing software, but it was getting pretty stupid when I was putting in code like DIV CLASS="address". A quick trip through the HTML5 tags revealed a cornucopia of tags relevant to writing academic papers and computer programming tutorials.

Looking at Kindle Unlimited (part of Amazon Prime)

I started looking into Kindle Unlimited (KU), a $10 a month borrowing library for Kindle e-books, for tutorials on some subjects I'm studying, and also as a possible publishing platform for articles. What I found is a market that, for readers, is somewhat non-functional.

I looked at 21 books. (Really, it's a little more, but I wasn't paying attention early on.) Of these, I found 7 writer worth reading, and 13 writers to avoid.

Mobile Website Editors Reviewed

Reviews of several mobile-phone or tablet-based website editors.

Observations about WordPress, and why I think this weird platform in not in crisis

WordPress is no longer the best blogging platform. I think Medium is that. It's almost like a word processor.

According to the few surveys I've seen, WordPress isn't used as much for blogging as for making "brochure" websites. There's a bit of a product-market mismatch.

The program is so huge once you add Jetpack and a few other plugins that you need to purchase a more expensive hosting plan with 1 Gig of RAM.

The built-in onboarding/user registration code is not only not-OO, it's spaghetti code. Modifying it is difficult, limiting the ways it can be used for growth hacking.

A Volunteer Sign-In Tool

Several years ago, for the Obama elections, I had to manage a bunch of sign-in sheet info. To perform the data entry, I did a few things to make life easier (for me).

We made a web app with the intent that multiple people could enter data into it. That didn't happen because there wasn't sufficient time to finish the application and then train everyone.

March for Bernie

I have been working on March for Bernie on the side, for free of course. It's a WordPress site with a theme from Bernie volunteers.


Miscellanous cooking articles to be compiled.

Movies about the Great Recession / Real Estate Bubble / Economic Crisis

2010 is upon us, and unlike the Arthur C. Clarke sequel to 2001, wherein the world is exploring space, in the real 2010, the world is trying to find a goddamn job and avoid a huge, double-dip recession and rapid price deflation.

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