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Soapmaking's been popular with the gourmet soap folks, but I was totally unaware. I learned about soapmaking from a Red Devil lye bottle back in the 80s, and always wanted to do it, but never did.

Today, Red Devil no longer makes pure lye, but the brand "Rooto" does. I got mine from Vermont Outlet, a True Value franchise. It was about $5 for a pound.

The soap recipes on the web used a lot of fat for 16 oz of lye, so I decided to use only half the jar - 8 oz - and scale recipes to fit. I figured I'd have the required fat for that.

Buy It Now! Research on Impulse Buying and Ecommerce

This is a summary of articles found during cursory Internet searches regarding impulse buying and ecommerce.

A more attractive printable version is posted here at Docstoc.

Most of these are “newbie” articles because I lack marketing experience. This list has been filtered in based on quality. Star ratings ranging from 1 to 3 indicate perceived quality.

Los Angeles County Zip Codes

Zip 	City
90001	Los Angeles
90002	Los Angeles
90003	Los Angeles
90004	Los Angeles
90005	Los Angeles
90006	Los Angeles
90007	Los Angeles
90008	Los Angeles
90010	Los Angeles
90011	Los Angeles
90012	Los Angeles
90013	Los Angeles
90014	Los Angeles
90015	Los Angeles
90016	Los Angeles
90017	Los Angeles
90018	Los Angeles
90019	Los Angeles
90020	Los Angeles
90021	Los Angeles
90022	Los Angeles
90023	Los Angeles
90024	Los Angeles
90025	Los Angeles
90026	Los Angeles
90027	Los Angeles
90028	Los Angeles
90029	Los Angeles
90031	Los Angeles
90032	Los Angeles

Seasoning a Korean Stone Pot (Dol Sot)

These are used to make a scorched rice. Here's how I seasoned mine. First, wash and scrub with warm water, but no soap. Stone is porous and will take in the soap flavor, according to some sites. Some sites say to cook salt water in the bowl.

Making Turkey Lard

The above is a picture of a small jar full of turkey fat (mixed with other fats). It was collected from the top layer of a pot of turkey broth. It's a thrifty/frugal way to get the most from your holiday dinner. The fat can be used instead of oil or butter.

Sushi is Not Traditional Japanese-American Food

In L.A., when people go out for Japanese food, they think of sushi, and sometimes go to Little Tokyo to eat it.

The "hard core" sushi fanatics always want the traditional sushi, which is rice with fish on it. They look down on the "rock and roll" sushi, which is stuff like the rainbow roll or the spider roll.

While this attitude is okay, it's probably not quite accurate to use "tradition" and "sushi" together. Contemporary sushi is not really old enough to be "traditional", at least not yet. Not many generations have been eating it.

Cooking Websites

Here are some cooking websites, youtube channels, etc. I'll try to put the ones I use or study here.

Just Hungry
Cooking With Dog
Manjula's Kitchen
Cooking with Kai


Pizza is not hard to make.


In a large bowl, dissolve 1 packet of yeast in 1.5 cups of water. To dissolve it, let it sit 10 minutes.

Add 1 to 2 cups of all purpose or bread flour, and a pinch (1/8 tsp) of salt. Stir with a fork to mix. Cover with a plastic bag. A clean grocery bag is perfect.

Let the dough sponge form over 1 day (24 hours or so). It's ready when it smells a little funky, like beer.

Life Hack: How to Avoid Late Fees on Your Credit Card and Save Money

Credit card late payment fees suck. They suck out $25 to $35 from your wallet every time you forget to mail in the payment. Here's how to avoid the fees. Also, if you're in debt, this will help you get out of debt and start saving!

Cast Iron Pan Care and Seasoning

Lodge has a pretty good page about caring for their pans, but I respectfully disagree with them about almost everything.

1. Rust is not that detrimental to a pan, as long as it's not in the cooking surface. If it gets in there, just make sure to scrape down the rust and surrounding areas, and re-season it. If rust is on the outside, just wash it off and rub some grease into it -- or just rub some grease into it. Next time it heats up, it'll get seasoned.

Possum Living - what a great book!

This is a fun book for hard-working "lazy" cheapskates.


Apocalypse No!

Read Apocalypse No! by Juan Santos.

Science has given us until roughly 2012 to take radical action to change the course we're on. In the next six years, they tell us, we will determine the fate of the Earth.
With the US and its white colonial puppet Israel on a nuclear collision course with Iran and Syria, we may have less time than that.

Repairing Scratched CDs

TOOTHPASTE WORKS: Use colgate total.

These notes are about reparing CDs and DVDs. This is a project in progress, so don't do anything I describe here. Just consider it research results that you can use to try and fix your CDs. Also, check out CdRisks, to read a few notes about the dangers of CDR.

I got most of these ideas from CD Faq by Sam Goldwasser [1]

experiment 1: toothpaste Buffed the CD surface with toothpaste. Crest gel is highly abrasive, and completely unacceptable. Regular AquaFresh? is better, but leaves a pronounced haze. The paste washes clean under water.

DIY Notes

This is an archive of miscellaneous projects and tech notes. I'm avoiding rehashing the stuff that's understood, and hope the information is concise and useful. Some articles are just reports of what works, or what has failed. There are older technotes from around 2000-2002. Most of the OSX articles are about version 10.1.

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