LastPass Rocks

I just lost my bag, and in that bag was a sheet with all my slightly obfuscated passwords and usernames and website urls. My trick was to make the information incomplete, so that it's hard to use.

RIP Slaptech Framework

Slaptech framework was a PHP 4 based framework that never got released into the public, that we built to do projects.

XP Licensing Headaches (Migrating an OEM System to VHD and Hyper-V when You Have a Retail or VLK License)

I have to rewrite this, as what worked was different.

Windows always amazes me with how expensive it is to run; with this awesome Sysinternals tool, disk2vhd, you can turn an installed system into a VHD and run it on Hyper-V. When you do, though, Windows XP demands to be activated.

Then, the expensive, time-consuming drama ensues. (Tips on optimizing the process at the end.)

Almost Done with Refinishing (part of) my Mother's Kitchen

I'm almost done refinishing my mother's kitchen. This blog details some of the work, some problems, and some of the solutions.


Vegetarian Tacos Recipe

I was looking for recipes, and really looking for a represntation of what I make myself, and didn't find it. There was all kinds of stuff, but my recipe tastes Mexican to me.

Control Ingress (incoming) bandwidth... with Bittorrent and others

I wanted to download a file, but we just got this awesome high speed fiber optic internet...

Great Format for Instructions (Setting up UCSPI-TLS on Qmail)

This instructional page I just worked through about setting up UCSPI-TLS with Qmail was really good. It has all the steps, and they're numbered and indented. I just think it's a great format for "howto"s, because if you're discussing it with someone else, you can refer to a specific step.

Got Semi-Scammed by Discount SSL Vendor Comodo with "PositiveSSL CA 2"

(Just to be fair, I think the SSL cert business is a scam, so there.)

Vanishing Window Managers? LOL

I think Windows sucks, but one thing is for sure - the windows are there.

Virtual Machines that are Less

So I was looking around the Hyper-V manager and doing it over RDP in a Windows environment brings out some contrasts between server and desktop computer requirements.

Upset About Acer Recovery Disks, I Found a Lame Solution

I have been helping someone recover from some reckless Windows usage. You know the situation: lots of colorful apps that want you to pay for registration, and a bunch of random viruses.

Microsoft Server 2012 Licensing Humor

It's only funny in a SMH way.

More Impressions of the ZyXEL ZyWALL USG-50

I've finally started to work on the network because, while things are heating up at work, I'm mostly on-call for the next week. I have some time on my hands to experiment.

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