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Cheap Mobile RSS Reader

If you're cheap and have a low-end, generic MP3 player that will also display text files, you can read your RSS feeds on it with the help of this script.

EXIM... dealing with bounces

I'm starting to learn EXIM. It's the default mail transport on Debian, so I have made a Spamassassin filter with it. The install was simple, but the configuration is arcane.

The Cost of Bagging Groceries

I was at Food 4 Less (or was it El Super), watching people bag their own groceries. What would it cost if someone was there to bag them, I wondered?

Creating a Firewall Log Analysis Tool for a SonicWall DSL Router, Part 2

In the last entry, log lines were being "compressed" by placing them into a database table. There were a few bugs in that code that have been fixed, and features added to the new script, below, that save us from losing some log data. Explanation after the code:

Creating a Firewall Log Analysis Tool for a SonicWall DSL Router, Part 1

Network traffic was growing, and it was getting hard to really "see" what was sucking up the capacity. It could be spam, or YouTube, viruses, hack attempts, or anything.

PHP list and array....

One day, I wish I can write this in PHP

while( $filename = $files->next() )
   [ $a, $b, $c, $d ] = getimageinfo($filename);
   $sizes[] = [ $filename, $a, $b ];

Dusting Off Coroutines

Coroutines are back! They never really left, but, it looks like different languages are adding native support for coroutines.

Comments about PHP's New Lambda and Closure Features

I've been reading up on it, and, not being up-to-date on PHP development news, didn't know about the discussion about the design on PHP's new lambda and closure features in 5.3.

Watt From Pedro Show

Mike Watt, punk pioneer, of the Minutemen, fIREHOSE, Madonnabees, Banyan, and a bunch of things I didn't catch, has a really good podcast show called The Watt From Pedro Show. From San Pedro.

A Few Historical Opponents to the Patent System

Computerists are aware of the Open Source, and Free Software engineering and political tendencies. They may also be aware of the resistance to patents on algorithms and software. However, I and others were unaware of the long legacy of historical skepticism toward patents.


How to Make Onigiri (Japanese Rice Balls)

This is the best riceball video I've ever seen. The recipe is at the end of the video.

They also have an awesome oden video. I don't really like oden, but theirs looks so amazing that I want to eat it all up.

Jeff Wall, Miley Cyrus

"It's such a fine line between stupid, and clever." - David St. Hubbins

Jeff Wall, Mimic, 1982

Miley Cyrus, Joke, 2009

Margaret Cho's comment on the second photo.

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