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ECS Goal 3+ Drivers

It's hard to find the drivers for the Goal 3+ because it's not listed on the ECS website as the "Goal 3+".

MS Access: Me.Dirty = False; Forcing a Form to Update a Record

How do you get a form to update its associated record, programmatically?

Me.Dirty = False

What the heck? Why isn't there a call like Me.UpdateRecord()?

Wacky VBA, Bitchen PHP

I was spending a night debugging some heinous VBA code. It was my code, but it sucked. It sucked because it's pretty hard to write glue code that integrates different parts of MS Office.

Afternoon musings; an anti-framework-ish thing

I was avoiding some important work for an hour, and came up with a sketch of what a very lightweight PHP framework's code might look like.

$val = new validator( 'validator_spec_file' );

Quick Fix for Antivirus 2009 Defacing Google Page

This appears to be a new variation on existing malware. Trend Micro, Ad-Aware, Spybot all found something (maybe old malware) and deleted. Running from UBCD4Win seemed to help immensely.

Backup Exec is Dangerous

For most of my life, I've backed up by copying data onto disks. The last few years, I've been using Backup Exec, because that's what the businesses are using.

Sympathy for the Devil

Tech Republic article seeking sympathy for managers who lay people off, turns into a thread about layoffs in general.

Xubuntu package list

This is my current package list from Xubuntu. You can re-install a system with:

dpkg --set-selections < packages.txt
dselect update
apt-get dselect-upgrade

Fatlip Seagate

This is a fan page for fatlip from the seagate forums a

Offshoring R&D

There's already a huge (imsho negative) trend of offshoring more and more high-salary IT work out to other countries, where people work for less money, longer work weeks, and it seems like less job se

Los Angeles County Real Estate, by Zip Code: Trulia Links to Recently Sold Homes

These links open new windows to Trulia's lists of recently sold homes in the zip code. Acton

Los Angeles County Real Estate, by Zip Code: Zillow Links to Recently Sold Homes

This list of links will open new windows displaying Zillow's recently sold listings for homes in the zip code.

Los Angeles County Real Estate, by Zip Code: Redfin Links

This is a list of community names and zip codes, linked to their respective Redfin market-conditions pages. The links will open new tabs, so you can click a load of them.

Ribbon Toolbar Interface

Microsoft is trying to file a patent for their Ribbon interface element that groups toolbars into a tabbed interface.

Installing Xubuntu (Right Now)

Fedora was just too slow for me, so I tried Xubuntu. This is an Ubuntu derivative (Ubuntu being a Debian derivative), but it runs with the Xfce window manager instead of Metacity.

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