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A Class to Manage Tiny, Editable Application Configurations for Reports

This code has never been run through php. It's a first draft.

MS Access VBA: Generating Code for Handlers

I've been working with "unbound forms" and, ay ay ay, what a pain in the butt. Unbound forms are regular forms, except that the controls aren't associated with any data source. An unbound form is like a panel of controls, without wires behind them, and no information being shown or recorded. It's like a prop without a performance. It's weird to use an Access form that doesn't seem to work, because the data structure behind it doesn't exist -- without information, there's no animation.

Concise Comment on EFCA on Paul Krugman's Blog

Bill from Belle Harbor rebuts anti EFCA arguments on Paul Krugman's blog:
The National Labor Relations Act was passed in order to stimulate demand by putting more of the fruits of labor into the pockets of the working class. The logic for its passage was that the demand for goods and services of one wealthy business owner couldn’t match the demand for the aggregate demand for goods and services of an entire work force. Collective bargaining afforded millions of Americans, both unionized and non-unionized, with a standard of living that has heretofore been unsurpassed. Collective bargaining, if and of itself, does not lead to a more affluent workforce, however, unless the concerted actions of the union members result in higher wages. A major reason for our economy’s current crisis is that wages have been lagging behind productivity gains in America for more than 30 years. Cheap credit replaced fair wages as the preferred mechanism for stimulating demand. Now that the faucet of cheap credit has been closed we are seeing the demand for goods and services dry up. Collective bargaining, with enforceable rights, is a recipe for our recovery. Ideolgical obstacles, implemented over time and intended to impede the exercise of America’s right to bargain collectively, have reversed 50 years of progress. — Bill from Belle Harbor

CakePHP Dates are Nice

	Date: <?=$html->monthOptionTag( 'Phoneproject/Date' )?> -
		<?=$html->dayOptionTag( 'Phoneproject/Date' )?> -
		<?=$html->yearOptionTag( 'Phoneproject/Date' )?>

Excellent Article on Onigiri (Riceballs)

What's up with ADO?

Example of how to add a row to a db table, in ADO:

Hispanic Surname Extraction with Regular Expressions

The challenge with these names is twofold. For one, they follow a European convention of using "of" to denote the family, e.g. De La Cruz. This is like the Irish O'Connor or Italian del Vecchio.

Symfony: SQL-Phobia

In the symfony book
there's an alarming bit of explanation:

Terse Javascript Alternations, and the Frameworks' Problem with SQL


Here's a snippet of javascript that breaks up a phone number into its parts, if it's formatted in the common formats.

	var cell = namesArray[rownum]['Cell'];

Strong Typing and Dynamic

I've been dabbling in Haskell, which is a strongly typed functional language.

Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

This is a map of Cuba and Guantanamo Bay NAS.

Sarah Palin Pork Barrel Calculator

Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin has recently been criticized for her pork-barrel spending. This web-calculator helps you figure out how extreme she is. (Calculator is on the full story.)

Purchasing Recommendations

This is my strictly commercial page. There are some links on here that pay off with an affiliate kickback, but these are genuine recommendations.

Playing the Subway Scrabble Contest on Linux (by Changing the User Agent String)

I wanted to play the Subway Fresh Buzz Scrabble game, but the problem was, the website didn't support Linux.

Rearranging RAID 10 disks on a CERC 1.5/6ch

I recently posted this question on Experts Exchange. I'm still lost on this one. The CERC docs don't discuss how the controller makes decisions about how to build the array.

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