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OneNote Shared Notebook Corruption Leads to Cache File Problems (onenote notebook cache file 0xe000012e)

I was having problems with an error reporting corrupt OneNote cache files. It turned out the problem was at the server that was sharing the notebook. OneNote saves notebooks as folders full of files. The quick fix is to do a copy-paste of that folder, name it something like originalname-2, and then open it in OneNote.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 AutoSave Doesn't Work, Even With Some Crashes

Unfortunate news: even if you have the autosave option turned on, PowerPoint isn't really making an autosave document that will persist after all crashes. Even worse, if you exit, and it tells you that if you don't save, you'll still have a draft, you won't actually have a draft. PowerPoint seems to delete its temporary files when you exit the program. When I tried to kill PP, it still deleted the file. So that bit of cleanup code is pretty resilient, at least to my half-hearted effort to blow away PP.

Visual Voicemail via IMAP

I came up with a quick idea - visual voicemail similar to Apple's iPhone - via IMAP.

Windows Offline Files Suck (today)

Windows ships with Offline Files (aka Offline Folders) on, more or less. These things suck, mainly because they're a little unreliable, and seem to lose data, or files get wedged and won't sync.

1 Reason Why Exim4 (and other Unix MTAs) Suck

Though I'm now officially an Exchange hater, there's still one thing that really sucks about running a Unixy email server: authentication and encryption.

It's been hard to configure for years -

Six Reasons Why Microsoft Exchange Sucks

1. It's hard to back up.

Inside a Gimmick Antenna

I fell for marketing and advertising, again. I bought one of those stupid antennas with the little dial knob on it. What's really stupid is that I already had one similar to it, and it sucked.

g_signal_connect_data instead of g_signal_connect_object, because GHashTable is not a GObject

I just blew two hours figuring out that a GLib GHashTable is not a descendent of GObject. Duh!

Stratasoft and X-Lite Configuration Notes

Had "one way audio", where I could speak, but could not hear.

Default settings.
One NAT to the internet:

C Virgin Again (allocate objects on the stack)

It's been so long since I've done any C programming that I feel "Like A Virgin" in C, touched for the very first time.

WS Printing from HP Printers - more blues...

I had a pretty good experience getting a Canon WiFi photo printer installed via WS Printing, the feature in Windows that allows printer sharing without a Windows computer sharing the printer.

AirPrint Support (Sucks)

This article is now obsolete. See comments.

We've got a bunch of iPhones and one iPad user in the office, and they've wanted to print a few times. It seemed useful, so I read up about AirPrint, and we set up CUPS to serve AirPrint and send output to some HP printers (this is via a Linux server). The whole setup was too complex, so I wanted to get an office printer that supported AirPrint. It turned out that support for AirPrint sucks.

Long Delay in Receiving Email from Gmail

A party trying to send me an email via gmail got this error:

From: Mail Delivery Subsystem 
Date: Sat, Aug 11, 2012 at 12:50 PM

Templating with DOM

DOMTemplate is a new templating system that doesn't use any markup.

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