Los Angeles County Real Estate, by Zip Code: Zillow Links to Recently Sold Homes

This list of links will open new windows displaying Zillow's recently sold listings for homes in the zip code.

Los Angeles County Real Estate, by Zip Code: Redfin Links

This is a list of community names and zip codes, linked to their respective Redfin market-conditions pages. The links will open new tabs, so you can click a load of them.

Ribbon Toolbar Interface

Microsoft is trying to file a patent for their Ribbon interface element that groups toolbars into a tabbed interface.

MS Access VBA: Generating Code for Handlers

I've been working with "unbound forms" and, ay ay ay, what a pain in the butt. Unbound forms are regular forms, except that the controls aren't associated with any data source. An unbound form is like a panel of controls, without wires behind them, and no information being shown or recorded. It's like a prop without a performance. It's weird to use an Access form that doesn't seem to work, because the data structure behind it doesn't exist -- without information, there's no animation.

CakePHP Dates are Nice

	Date: <?=$html->monthOptionTag( 'Phoneproject/Date' )?> -
		<?=$html->dayOptionTag( 'Phoneproject/Date' )?> -
		<?=$html->yearOptionTag( 'Phoneproject/Date' )?>

Hispanic Surname Extraction with Regular Expressions

The challenge with these names is twofold. For one, they follow a European convention of using "of" to denote the family, e.g. De La Cruz. This is like the Irish O'Connor or Italian del Vecchio. Secondarily, some people use their Catholic-style names, where the maternal name is combined with the paternal name, e.g. Lucy Lopez Valdez.

Terse Javascript Alternations, and the Frameworks' Problem with SQL


Here's a snippet of javascript that breaks up a phone number into its parts, if it's formatted in the common formats.

    var cell = namesArray[rownum]['Cell'];
    (cell_parts = /\((\d\d\d)\) (\d\d\d)-(\d\d\d\d)/.exec(cell)) ||
    (cell_parts = /(\d\d\d)-(\d\d\d)-(\d\d\d\d)/.exec(cell))     ||
    (cell_parts = /(\d\d\d)(\d\d\d)(\d\d\d\d)/.exec(cell))       ||
    (cell_parts = ['','','',''])

It's pretty short, no?

What's nice about it is that it parses several formats, but doesn't collapse all these possibilities into a single regex.

Possum Living - what a great book!

This is a fun book for hard-working "lazy" cheapskates.

Newtown, Portsmouth, Virginia, USA

Stolen from tje Washington Post

Portsmouth, Va.: An Olde but a Goody

By Diane Daniel
Special to The Washington Post
Wednesday, March 26, 2008; Page C02

My Aunt Margaret was aghast. A couple of years ago, I introduced her to a friend and mentioned that she and my mother had grown up in Norfolk.

"Portsmouth!" Aunt Margaret barked. She was used to people getting the two confused or, more often, simply overlooking Portsmouth for larger and wealthier Norfolk. But her own niece?

Daylight Savings Time Misconfigurations between Computers Can Lead to Cumulative Data Errors

Symptom: my web app starting losing a day whenever I edited some data records. This app was working fine for a while, then, in March, it started losing time. Because my time was quantized to days, it looked like I was losing a day every time I saved the record.

The environment was a shared web hosting account, with PHP for the app, and a MySQL database behind it, on a separate machine.

According to a new law, starting in 2007, DST starts three weeks earlier than it has in the past.

I suspected that the problem is that one machine has the old style DST timezones, while the other machine has the new DST settings. So I created a test script to simulate the effect of multiple edits on a record.

Object-Oriented Parser for iCalendar

Been working on a parser for ICS files, and it's done in an OO style - so that parts of the data become instantiated as objects, and the parse tree is a hierarchy of objects.

Freelancers: they Vote but lack Health Insurance

The Freelancers Union says... 56,000 members, 48,000 in NYC. 92% registered to vote, 87% have voted, in high 60%s in local elections. They have a hard time stabilizing their income, and lack health insurance. Freelancer's Union
National Association of the Self Employed

MS Access:Automatically Requery to Update a Combo Box

In MS Access, when you want a form containing a foreign key, you typically use a combo box that's populated with data from the foreign table. The underlying field is the fkey's value, but the combo box displays another column from that table that is easier for people to read. For example:

The Foo table has an fkey, PeopleID, that refers to the tblPeople table.
TblPeople has a field, Name, that is the person's name - a human comprehensible value.
The frmFoo form has a combo box that's bound to the PeopleID fkey.

Gentrification Perspective

I was researching gentrification, and came up on a ton of interesting articles, but this one was particularly interesting because it's from someone who identifies with the displaced.

Brown Kingdom

He sites the origin of gentrification in the decline of locally owned business. True enough, I suppose, but even locally owned businesses tend to spawn remotely owned ones, over time, when the second generations of owners move away to fancier areas, and sell out to ever-larger entities.

The blog is good, with a lot of interesting historical information and opinion.

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