Sushi is Not Traditional Japanese-American Food

In L.A., when people go out for Japanese food, they think of sushi, and sometimes go to Little Tokyo to eat it.

The "hard core" sushi fanatics always want the traditional sushi, which is rice with fish on it. They look down on the "rock and roll" sushi, which is stuff like the rainbow roll or the spider roll.

While this attitude is okay, it's probably not quite accurate to use "tradition" and "sushi" together. Contemporary sushi is not really old enough to be "traditional", at least not yet. Not many generations have been eating it.

A little talking about Toyama, Nagaoka, war, and so on.

I was sitting with my mother, watching some TV, talking about how when she was a child, she used to collect wood for money, which was s

More on Iterators and Iteration

Iterators are one of my favorite language features or design pattern. They're a feature that, when done correctly, basically vanishes.

Camera Photopools on Flickr

I went to the Roaring Aughts event featuring photographer Slobodan Dimitrov, and, in addition to enjoying the photo show, got to hear a lot of discussion about cameras that was way over my head. It was heavy gearhead talk.

0xe0008497 - Incremental and differential backups are not possible because Microsoft Exchange is configured for circular logging

I got this in BackupExec 10d. It probably started because I enabled circular logging.

The Cost of Bagging Groceries

I was at Food 4 Less (or was it El Super), watching people bag their own groceries. What would it cost if someone was there to bag them, I wondered?

Dusting Off Coroutines

Coroutines are back! They never really left, but, it looks like different languages are adding native support for coroutines.

Watt From Pedro Show

Mike Watt, punk pioneer, of the Minutemen, fIREHOSE, Madonnabees, Banyan, and a bunch of things I didn't catch, has a really good podcast show called The Watt From Pedro Show. From San Pedro.

A Few Historical Opponents to the Patent System

Computerists are aware of the Open Source, and Free Software engineering and political tendencies. They may also be aware of the resistance to patents on algorithms and software. However, I and others were unaware of the long legacy of historical skepticism toward patents.

How to Make Onigiri (Japanese Rice Balls)

This is the best riceball video I've ever seen. The recipe is at the end of the video.

They also have an awesome oden video. I don't really like oden, but theirs looks so amazing that I want to eat it all up.

Aspergers Quiz

Aspergers Quiz is a test that measures how Asperger-ish you might be. I got 36, but it was probably influenced by reading an article about the Aspergers Syndrome.

Guilds, Patents, and Cottage Industry

Here are three interrelated Wikipedia articles that gave me something to think about.


Pee Commerce

I got into a discussion about fertilizing with human manure, and defended the practice, mainly because my grandmother did it.

MS Access: Me.Dirty = False; Forcing a Form to Update a Record

How do you get a form to update its associated record, programmatically?

Me.Dirty = False

What the heck? Why isn't there a call like Me.UpdateRecord()?

Wacky VBA, Bitchen PHP

I was spending a night debugging some heinous VBA code. It was my code, but it sucked. It sucked because it's pretty hard to write glue code that integrates different parts of MS Office. All I wanted to do was produce some distribution lists from an Access database, but thanks to Office Outlook's totally complicated system of managing email lists, you can't just spit out something like the old .alias file:
That would be easy. No, Outlook requires you to make a DistributionListItem, and then AddMembers to it.
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