It's All Beeps: How a PBX Works with a Voicemail (VMX) System

I'm reading an Avaya (Lucent) manual about Avaya and Duvoice DV2000 integration. Being a phone novice, I don't really grasp how these technologies integrated. I assumed there was some kind of computer network between the voicemail and pbx.

That assumption was totally wrong.

Slavoj Zizek to Jacques Lacan Morph

Once again, another morph. This time from the popular Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek to the guy he studies, French philosopher Jacques Lacan. This one is almost right, but moving the hand from the cheek to the chin was impossible for me.

Thom Yorke to David Byrne Morph

I didn't mention a couple posts back about the command to combine the output of JavaMorph into a movie:

ffmpeg -f image2 -i %03d.jpg
You run that command inside the output directory.

Here's my latest morph, showing Thom Yorke of Radiohead morphing into David Byrne of Talking Heads. It would have been even better if it was Radiohead from around Kid A morphing into Talking Heads circa Remain in Light.

Bob Dylan Morph

Here's another morph, similar to the last one. I'm learning how to set the points. There are a lot of errors, still, but a few things have improved, like the fact that the background doesn't just fade away. The background almost morphs correctly. The shirt doesn't work at all. This is definitely violating someone's copyright. Going forward, I'll use only Wikimedia Commons images.

Open Source Morph and Video Editing

Here's a video (viewable on Firefox) in Ogg Theora video format. It was created with JavaMorph, a FOSS morphing program, and PiTiVi, a simple video editor. The morpher made the transition, and Pitivi was used to add the stills at either end of the video.

Living turkey morphs into a cooked turkey dinner.

Building Computers from Parts Rocks

I was just thinking about computers I've owned, and six came out of boxes, ready to run. An Atari 800, and Atari 1040 ST, a Mac Quadra 660 (I think), a Mac iBook, a Mini Mac, and a Compaq budget PC. The rest were bought used, found in the trash, built from parts, or were kits or kit-like (barebones kits that took disks). I'm not sure how many computers I've owned, total. Probably between 20 and 30.

ProFTPd MySQL configuration tips

Setting up ProFTPd with MySQL isn't "hard" per-se, but the most popular tutorial at Khoosys is kind of complex. has users, groups, quotas, and a lot of accounting.  So the tables are numerous and there are a lot of queries involved.

Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000

Having never owned a webcam, it's hard to judge this one. My previous webcams were video digitizers connected to camcorders, which generally produce really great results.

Prepare Files for Bittorrent - Avoid My Newbie Mistakes

I just made my first torrents, and made a few mistakes. The torrents were split up archives of all the video files from LA Indymedia, which we host.

Creative Commons, Conservative or Liberal

One of the fastest spreading ideas in the past decades has been the idea of "free open source software" and the related idea of the Creative Commons.

Open Source as a Response to Microsoft's Monopoly

There are different theories on why Open Source succeeds or fails (and opinions on whether it's succeeding or failing). The most common is not a theory at all, but the idea of "giving back to the community": that companies will give away assets because they're receiving assets for free from the community. It sounds nice, but, it's a really weak idea.

Calculating the Best Price for Toilet Paper

Bathroom tissue is expensive, and everyone needs to pinch their pennies when they pinch off a loaf. Cell phone calculators don't have enough precision to calculate the per-unit cost of toilet paper. They also lack parentheses to do some necessary grouping to calculate:


Solution is below the fold.

Happy New Year 2010

What a strange new years. I'm sick with some flu or something. Congested and coughing. Toast with a store brand "Robitussin DM." My GF broke her hand, so it's in a cast - the cat's paw.

Making Turkey Lard

The above is a picture of a small jar full of turkey fat (mixed with other fats). It was collected from the top layer of a pot of turkey broth. It's a thrifty/frugal way to get the most from your holiday dinner. The fat can be used instead of oil or butter.

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