Crashing Computer, Troubleshooting RAM: Swapping RAM Slots.

I bought a computer motherboard online, and found myself with a crashing computer. Unfortunately, because I took months to install the board, I missed the deadline to return the device. This series is about how I have been trying to resolve the problems, and stabilize my computer.

So far, I’ve cleaned out the dust, and changed the thermal grease compound on the CPU. Despite these changes, the system is still crashing.

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Interesting Extension of INI: TOML

This is an interesting project, to formalize the INI format to express more complex data structures.


I’m not inclined to want more complex data. I know, people have used XML and JSON to specify configuration, but, I just dislike that. I’ve used YAML, and though that was good for a few years, but lately, I’m back at INI.

The problem with expressive configuration languages is that you end up with tools like Ansible (which I like) where, instead of defining a little language, or being used as a Python library, the entire “programming language” is in YAML.

Rant over. I will probably use TOML next time I want to use an INI file 🙂

Opening a Dozen Email Boxes? Use Mozilla Thunderbird (and Donate)

If you need to read through a lot of email addresses, try Thunderbird. I’ve had over ten addresses in it, and it works pretty well. It also has an RSS reader that I rarely use, but it’s there. It’s my preferred client, and after a lot of use, I finally donated to the project.