Facebook-style Previews

I was thinking about how facebook updates parse out the url, then construct a nice looking preview. I think what it takes is scanning the textarea for a url, and then using ajax to tell the server to fetch a summary of the page at the url. get the data back, and insert it into a template, and reveal it.

This is a republication of a post from January 2012. I would not write it this way today.

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Crashing Computer, Troubleshooting RAM: Swapping RAM Slots.

I bought a computer motherboard online, and found myself with a crashing computer. Unfortunately, because I took months to install the board, I missed the deadline to return the device. This series is about how I have been trying to resolve the problems, and stabilize my computer.

So far, I’ve cleaned out the dust, and changed the thermal grease compound on the CPU. Despite these changes, the system is still crashing.

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