Netgear GS108T VLANs

When you reset the 108T, the system creates three default VLANs.

This isn’t some kind of industry standard – it’s a netgear non-feature, and we have to live with it. So going forward, I’m not going to make any vlans for 2 and 3. We may end up using these for voip, anyway. There’s a lot to be said for built-in features that are supported, and so far, my experience with netgear voip support has been okay.
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RAID 5 Parity. What is it, and how does it work?

One morning, I started wondering how RAID 5 parity works to rebuild a disk array. It seemed “magical” to me, that you can get redundancy and still use most of your disk capacity. So I searched for it… and turned up not very much info, and one other person’s unanswered question. A few articles explained it, but in a little more detail about performance, and less detail about the actual parity function. This article attempts to fill the gap.

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