Application State Study (Hamurabi Port)

I had to drop out for a month to deal with taxes and keep porting this site.  I’m catching up, and this article is a meandering mess that goes nowhere, so, if you value your time, don’t even read it.

I was porting the Hamurabi code to run with React, built the UI, and got a little confused about where to keep game state. Many coders seem to have this problem, according to the tutorials.

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Blog Update: I’ve been away…

I’ve been away from this blog for a few months while I learned to sell things on Ebay, and it has been a real learning experience. I won’t go into it too much, but it was really time-consuming. The good news is that this education didn’t cost too much money, and it’s almost at the point where Ebay selling could cover my rent and some bills. It’s also improved my understanding of SEO and landing pages for ecommerce, as well as my understanding about inventory, capital, seasonal sales, and revenue.

I’ll be back to writing about programming soon.

Make Meme/LOLCats Text with the GIMP

This tutorial explains how to make the “LOLCats” or “Meme” font so popular with the kids today. You can see a lot of these on the 4Chan /b/ channel, but don’t go there if you have any illusions that our society isn’t full of degenerates. The meme font is Impact Condensed, but to get the right “look”, you need to create a black outline around the regular font letters. Continue reading Make Meme/LOLCats Text with the GIMP