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Gone Missing from the Keyboard

Numerous things have pulled me away from doing tech work, the big one being a mishap that flooded our apartment, and necessitated my moving, temporarily, to my mom’s. Since I sell on Ebay, I have a ton of “inventory” that … Continue reading

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January 5, 2019 Update

The holidays left me stuffed, and so busy that work became an afterthought. My friend also had some medical issues and I ended up being a driver for most of the month. I swear, driving takes a lot out of … Continue reading

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SVG Path Commands

A list of commands for the “d” attribute in an SVG PATH element.

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How to Add a REST API to an Existing Django Project

This is a note I wrote to myself about how to add Django REST Framework to an existing project. It’s in PDF format, for reading. I didn’t have the time to create a real tutorial that builds up the API, … Continue reading

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Replace Strings in Multiple Files

The best tool for replacing strings is Perl. It can even do it for multiple files. You don’t need to know much Perl to use the “Perl PIE” technique, that turns a potentially long script into a one-liner. I used … Continue reading

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