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My goal with has been to improve quality. The easiest way to improve quality is to delete low-quality posts, revise existing posts, and not post off-the-cuff articles. So, I’ve been posting less.

It’s worked, but I still like to write things out, to flesh out the ideas. Sometimes, they’re bad ideas, or foolish ideas, or half-baked ideas.

That’s what DeveloperBrainFarts is: a blog full of half-baked, foolish ideas, and a few good ideas. Check it out if you want, or ignore if you want.

PHP Forms Worst Practices (at least, not “best” practices)

Several web pages came up when I searched for PHP forms best practices. I figured that the techniques, today, would be have improved.

They hadn’t.

In fact, the Bing search engine turned up pages that I thought described some bad practices.

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