Blog Update: I’ve been away…

I’ve been away from this blog for a few months while I learned to sell things on Ebay, and it has been a real learning experience. I won’t go into it too much, but it was really time-consuming. The good news is that this education didn’t cost too much money, and it’s almost at the point where Ebay selling could cover my rent and some bills. It’s also improved my understanding of SEO and landing pages for ecommerce, as well as my understanding about inventory, capital, seasonal sales, and revenue.

I’ll be back to writing about programming soon.

Resubmitting a Failed Form (Ebay and other sites)

You push “Post” and wait for the spinner… and it never posts.

You can’t push the “Post” button again because the interface has been screened off by a gray layer that blocks your clicks.

Sometimes, you can re-press the button. Here’s how.

Right-click on the page, and click “Inspect” in the menu. This will bring up the inspector/debugger.

There’s a search box near the top. Type “Post” or whatever text is on the button. It may match more than once, so try to find the one that’s the actual button.

The code might look like <button …>

Right click on that code and select “use in debugger” or something like that.

This will cause a pane to open at the bottom, and a word will be there, like “item0”.

Append “.click()” and press enter.

For example, if it’s “item0”, then you want to do this:

That sends a click event to that button. It might work. It did for me, on Ebay.