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Workstyles and Productivity

Inspired by this HubSpot article: How do I like to send and receive information? Brief emails.  Verbal communication backed by brief emails. Verbal information alone doesn’t “stick”, but convey’s urgency or lack of ugency.

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I wrote a series of articles about Django 1.8 that has continued to get traffic. Django is now at 1.10!

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Visual Basic for Applications, the Language That Won’t Die

I think VBA was supposed to sunset in the previous decade, but it just won’t go away. Back in the mid 2010s I wrote a lot of articles about VB.NET and VBA. It’s over at the old site. Can’t keep … Continue reading

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Responsive Design + Mobile First = Automated Layouts

I’m shocked at how many businesses still have websites that don’t work in mobile. For the average person, reading web pages on a smartphone is the primary way they read content on the web. Though I’m not 100% on board … Continue reading

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The New Site

I’ve been doing a lot of WP hacking, but my website was on a very old copy of Drupal (version 6!) so I thought it best to transition to using WP for my personal blog. The old site is here. … Continue reading

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